Here are some of the services provided by the Bayshore Homeowners Association. Contracts are monitored/maintained through our property management company. The HOA:

  • Maintains the grounds (cutting the grass, trimming the shrubbery)
  • Maintains the underground sprinkler system (and pays for that water)
  • Maintains the common areas (pool, entrance ways, etc.)
  • Maintains the paved roads
  • Maintains the contract for pool services.  Presently our pool is serviced three times a week.  (Did you know that we have a heated swimming pool?!)
  • Provides termite control on the outside of the buildings
  • Pays the electricity used by the pool and the street lights on the property
  • Every 5-8 years (or so), arranges for painting outside all the units on the property
  • Every 20 years (or so), arranges to update/replace the roofs


What services are not provided by the Homeowners Association?

  • Homeowners are responsible for all utilities for their unit:
    • electricity
    • water, sewer (stormwater is added to water bill)
    • trash/garbage/recycle pickup
    • cable TV & Internet
    • phone
    • security monitoring services
  • Homeowners are responsible for all repairs to their units, inside and out. This includes siding and stucco repairs.
  • Homeowners are responsible for pest control inside their units.
  • Homeowners are responsible for cleaning the outside of their windows & doors, cleaning the mailbox, and pressure washing their driveway when necessary.
  • Homeowners are responsible for insuring their unit from the garage floor up to and including the roof with a “Homeowner’s 3 policy” [HO-3].


PS: The fire alarm systems in the buildings are NOT monitored by the fire department. If you hear an alarm sounding, then please call 911.

(Have you read the Rules, yet?)