Section X of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (DCCRs) sets forth rules for owners and residents. These can only be changed by a vote of owners at a meeting called for that purpose.  PDF files are available for you to view.

I am extracting some rules below. I direct your attention to the actual DCCR section if you have further questions.  The Board of Directors, through the management company, is responsible for enforcing these rules. Please report violations through the Management Company.

1. Residential Use
“…no more than one family shall reside within any dwelling..”

3. Use of Accessory Structures
“…No utility shed or other structure … shall be erected, placed, or kept on a Lot.”

4. Commercial Uses and Nuisances
“No trade, business, profession shall be carried on upon any Lot…”
“…nor shall anything be done on any Lot which may become a nuisance, or an unreasonable annoyance to the neighborhood.

5. Animals
“…cats, dogs, and other household pets may be kept provided … that no person owning or in custody of a dog or cat shall allow the dog or cat to stray or go upon another Lot without the consent of the Owner…”
“…no more than a total of two (2) animals may be kept on any Lot. Each dog or cat must be on a leash and in full physical control … when the dog or cat is outside of the Owner’s Dwelling.
“No pets shall be permitted to place or have excretions on any portion of the Property … unless the owner of the pet physically removes any such excretions” (Emphasis by the webmaster)
“…the Board of Directors … shall have the right to required the Owner to remove such animal permanently from the Properties.”

6. Maintenance
“…Each Lot Owner shall maintain in good condition and repair (their) Dwelling, driveway, walkway…”

7. Vehicle Parking
Summary: You can only park in your own driveway or in the parking places by the pool. The DCCRs say you cannot park on the grass. The City of Clearwater fire department says no one can park on the roads.
“…overnight parking of any of the following vehicles is prohibited … trucks or vans used for commercial purposes, mobile homes, trailers, truck campers and any trucks or vans weighing more than 3/4 ton…”

11. Signs
“No sign, billboard, or advertising of any kind shall be displayed to public view … with the prior written approval of the Association. Any such request … shall be made in writing.”

13. Nuisances
“No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon any Lot, nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.”

14. Alteration to Walls prohibited
(’nuff said)

15. Antennas and Roof Structures
(Summary: Owners are entitled to use their own satellite dishes, but the Association can tell them where to mount it.)

16. Storage
“No articles, objects or other property may be placed, store, or kept in, on upon a Lot … if such items are thereby visible from adjoining Lots or streets.

17. Obstructions
“…fences are prohibited…”

18. Landscaping
“No Owner shall cause or allow any alteration of the landscaping originally installed within his Lot without the prior written consent of the Design Review Board.”

19. Drapes and Window Film
“…No colored film or reflective material may be used to cover windows. All drapes or curtains shall show a white or off-white color to the.. (outside).”

20. Leasing
“An Owner shall have the right to lease or rent his Lot and Swelling, subject to the approval of the Association and as provided herein…” This is a must-read section if you intend to lease your property.


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