The Bayshore community has two TV cable companies with connections to the back of each unit. Residents can choose either (or both!) for their Broadband (Cable) Internet connections here at Bayshore:
Verizon Internet (Fios)
Brighthouse Internet

You’ll see a few TV satellite dishes in the community, and these customers may be getting their Internet through Direct TV.  (If that’s you, drop me a note and tell me about your experience with it.)

In the past, customers could also choose from dial-up and dsl (over phone land-lines), but those options are are so passé now. Earthlink has both DSL and Cable options, but I don’t know how they deliver the connections to Bayshore units.

When I first set up these pages over a decade ago, I felt I had to provide links to, and explain, the value of Firefox, Chrome as alternate browsers; ditto for antivirus software which now come built into windows and apple systems.

EMAIL: Personally, I’ve rented an email address from with my own name (… for about $35/year, and this address has followed me around for 25 years! I personally think it is more professional (and Private) than the free accounts at gmail, yahoo, or AOL.