If you occupy a unit here, this page lists information you may find helpful.

Who you gonna call?

  • Call 911 for fire or medical emergencies!
  • Call the Property Management Company if you see something in our community that needs attention (e.g. pool problems, broken sprinkler systems). In 2015 we had a broken water main under someone’s driveway, and the City of Clearwater was ultimately responsible for repairing it. IMPORTANT: If it’s not an emergency, then please call during normal working hours (8/5 M/F)
  • Any other property problems are up to you. Broken screens? That’s on you. Plumbing? AC? …anything inside the unit is yours to arrange to repair.
  • Read more about “Who provides what services? (Association or Owner)”


(Ugh.) There are two categories of rules that I want to talk about here. One set was established by the HOA (Home Owners’ Association) when it was created, and the other set were rules that were created by the Board of Directors. Fortunately the latter rules are not many and most make sense.

  • The HOA rules are included in the documents owners receive when they bought their townhome. Read more…
  • The other rules are posted where applicable. For example, pools rules are posted at the pool.
  • Owners are responsible for the conduct of all occupants of their townhomes, whether they are children, visitors/guests, or renters.


  • You have to pay most of the utilities here that you would have to pay if you owned a single-family residence in the city. Read more…

Afterthought:  One of the really neat things about living in a Bayshore Townhome is that we do not have upstairs or downstairs neighbors!  Everything from under the roof shingles to the top of the garage floor belongs to the same unit.
When I lived in a condominium, the kids upstairs kept us up late, and our downstairs neighbors complained that we woke up too early.  That doesn’t happen here!