The Bayshore Townhomes doesn’t use SMS/Text messages, yet. All official announcements are sent by our Property Management Company through US mail to unit owners, using the owner’s address on record.

IMPORTANT: All of the following mailing lists have several things in common:

  • You can drop out of any list at any time – participation is not required.
  • You can pick-and-choose which lists you want to join.
  • You must sign up and you must confirm your subscription request.
    (…and you must use that same account when you post messages!)
  • For discussion lists, you are expected to be civil and stay “on-topic”
  • All lists have a “Daily Digest” option.

Announcements Email Mailing List

If you are going to sign up for only one list, it should be this one! This list is for announcements by our HOA President, Board of Directors, or our property management company.  We’ll try not to send more that 15-20 messages per year, and probably not even that many. Our association minutes may be distributed through here. This mailing list is hosted by MailChimp, mostly because it’s free.


Bulletin Board Mailing List

If you are going to sign up for a second list, consider our virtual “Bulletin Board.” Think of this as having the keys to the physical bulletin board at our pool.  Any subscriber may post to this list! If you post something, then anyone who clicks “reply” will have the message directed to you.  The HOA offices and directors Directors can post immediately; all other messages will be reviewed before the messages are available to the public.
Bayshore Chat List
If you are going to sign up for a third list, consider our Chat list – if it gets too busy, then you can change to the Daily Digest and still keep track of what’s going on. The Chat list is intended to provide a forum for homeowners to visit with each other – to share tips and techniques about maintaining our townhomes (do you have a good handyman whose name you’ll share?) Here we can discuss other issues that reflect concerns about the property, the community, or the Homeowner’s Association.

Off-Topic Chat
Do you want to talk politics?  Do you want to share your hobbies?  These topics don’t really belong on either the Bulletin Board or on the Bayshore Chat list. The Off-Topic list is the place for this.

Member Options
You will need your email address and your password to access your options panel.  You will have a separate panel for each mailing list you belong to.  You have a lot of flexibility… Check it out!

Daily Digest
All of the lists have a Daily Digest available. What this does is holds all the messages in a 24-hour period, then combines them into a single message to send to you.  Usually these go out at noon. You can sign up immediately for the Digest, or change to it later through the Member Options panel.